Every life is enriched by Sacred Vedic Mantras.  Reciting or listening to them brings peace, serenity and blessings to all. Intoned in Panditha Gaitree Audho’s serene voice, the Sacred Mantras below will help you pray and enjoy!

Fire Ritual Mantra

FORGIVENESS By Gaitree Audho

Forgiveness:- is to empty the mind’s bowl filled with enemity and anger for a remembered wrong done by Someone.

It is important to let go of your anger and forgive those who have wronged you. To hoard anger, brings a feeling of revenge, to forgive is to restore friendship. Anger is an emotion, that takes away the power of Clear thinking. Perhaps you are having a difficult time forgiving someone. “Forgiveness is the will of clear thinking, even if the wrong doer does not respond in kind.

One of the moral virtues of Maharishi Swami Dayanand is :- Kshama or Forgiveness – tolerating criticism, abuse, worship, insult etc. despite all of the above he follows righteousness or dharam.

He also forgive the wrong doer who poisoned him, then why can we not forgive and forget.

A true human being will try to forgive and forget the wrong doer, if not our emotions, egoistic behaviours will keep us downward leading to more fights and wars within us. And for that reason a prayer to God

Dhio Yo Nah Prachodayat to guide our intellect in the right direction. With guided intellect Tanme Manah Shiva Sankalpamastu good intentions in the mind so that noble deeds will lead to noble qualities like forgiveness.

Forgiveness can be illustrated by breaking up a fixed puzzle. This demonstrates the damage done when we wrong another person. But by fixing the pieces of an unfixed puzzle, this represents the beauty that can result from the damage when someone chooses to forgive and helps repair and heal the wounds.

Even though, the memory may remain, to forgive means that it will never be spoken of again. It is truly forgotten.

Brahma Sthothra